Mega Drift in BMW M5

Munich, 10. January 2018

Hand on heart: How long have you drifted before, the car provided? A Minute? Five Minutes? Not bad, but laughable compared to what has made BMW.

Refuelling during the journey

11. December 2017, the BMW Performance Center in Greer, South Carolina next to the local BMW plant instructor Johan makes Schwartz on the way to the Mega-Drift. In the new M5, he slips on a so-called "Skid Pad". Keep this state for hours, fueled the M5 by Schwartz as a fighter jet 'live'. Possible, it makes a by the company Detroit Speed has developed refuelling system on Board of an old M5.

A crazy maneuver

There, at the helm: chief instructor Matt Mullins, has had to adapt to refuel the Drift of his colleague Schwartz, to come as close as possible. Using a Strap on Matt Butts of Detroit Speed out the side window stretched to fill the tank process: "We have trained the refueling several times. Nevertheless, there was very little room for error," says Butts.

Mannheim-Munich in the Drift

The wage of the labors of two new world records: In eight hours drifted Johan Schwartz about 374,2 kilometres and improved the old record by a whopping 230,1 km. In addition, Schwartz and Mullins drifted in another record attempt with two vehicles on a watered track together and covered of 79.3 kilometers.(rh)

by Joe Fabrini

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This is the good car.ilove this car befor the benz
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Rear and front bumper are fore sale?...
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can i have more photo of this car please i love it
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i hope ,this car will be build!
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