Mazda CX-4: Debut in China

Hiroshima (Japan), March 14, 2016

Does the world need really Coupé-like offshoot of SUVs? Apparently Yes, because soon pushes also Mazda in this niche. At the Beijing show (27 April to 4 may 2016), motor show the Japanese the CX-4.


The venue is chosen carefully, especially in China vehicles such as the BMW get 4 and X 6 public X. Mercedes shows very likely the GLC in Beijing for the first time Coupé. But back to the Mazda CX-4: on the first screen of the car are a v-shaped C-pillar and a distinctive brass shoulder over the rear wheel housing recognizable. The most important feature is the sloping roof line. As a foretaste of the CX-4, Mazda showed the study Koeru already on the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2015.

The CX-4 coming to Europe?

With regard to the dimensions length can be expected therefore around 4.60 meters. It is also cannot be ruled out that Mazda with the CX-4 is already views the upcoming CX-5. The current model of the CX-5 is a long time since the market for Japanese manufacturers in 2011. At the latest beginning 2017 the CX-4 is expected come to Europe. (rh)