Mazda announces two EV's

Mazda sheds light on the plans of the brand in the field of electrification. The additions are complementary to the Sustainable Zoom-Zoom, 2030 strategy, which last year was presented.

In the last year from the fabrics made of the Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030 strategy left Mazda all know that in 2019 a completely new engine generation presents, SkyActive-X-blocks with compression-ignition engines. This made the brand known to the CO2 emissions back to want to penetrate. In 2030, the average CO2 emissions of Mazda's models with 50% reduced compared to 2030. In 2050 this should be percent to 90 percent. Also let Mazda know that from 2019 will start with the supply of electrified models, something which the cooperation of the brand with Toyota, it is entered into a hand should help. Mazda, however, goes further.

The brand now says any model that in 2030 sells to a certain extent possible. The brand expects this car to 95 percent of the volume of sales will cover. The remaining 5 percent of sales must come from fully electric cars, which Mazda the technique, indoors, says to develop. The brand says two EV's in the barrel, one of which is equipped with a range extender. That range extender - Mazda has even longer - will consist of a rotary engine. At his coming, we must wait a little longer, but the plans are located in each case on the table!