Mansory tune C 63 coupe

Brand, 1. June 2018

Mercedes-AMG has paid attention to the fact that his C 63 Coupé sets a certain presence to the day. Because the message that the Carbon-kings of Mansory have now laid a Hand on the broad Swabian arrow, but for a bit of discomfort. At least among advocates of the optical balance. But lo and behold: On spin wide body elements, or the house big Spoiler of the precious waived Tuner this time. This C 63 Coupé comes for Mansory conditions amazing taste.

Body kit remains amazingly unobtrusive

Even if the grille says something else, this is according to Mansory already the Facelift Version of the C 63. It actually comes in September 2018 on the market and then has the now typical AMG Panamericana-BBQ on Board. However, The Mansory body kit for the Top C-class consists of a front lip spoiler, a front splitter and new mirror caps. The back is decorated with the ' 63 with a small roof spoiler, a new spoiler lip on the rear lid as well as a somewhat sounder diffuser. All parts are of course made of Carbon.

Mansory-C-63 gets 650 HP

Who is with the tyres in the murder of 510 HP and 700 Newton meters of the production version to be dissatisfied, it can also be directed in confidence to the gentlemen in the upper Palatinate of fire. Via the additional control unit and new exhaust system makes the performance of the four-liter twin-turbo V8 to 650 HP and 850 Newton-metres of swell. The top speed increases to 310 km/h. New, amazing close to the series-looking exhaust tailpipes are also available.

Forged 20-Inch

In the big wheel arches of the Mansory-C-63 20-inch forged alloy wheels with size 225 and 255er tyres rotate. Anyone who wants to, can lower his AMG Benz, but also by means of the lowering springs by 30 mm. In the illustrated vehicle, that obviously didn't happen. What is the matter with you, dear Mansorianer? In the interior, the Tuner relies on modified aluminium pedals, illuminated entry, floor mats, strips and embroidered. Who wants to go all-in, complete interior but also by the in-house saddlery remodel. Here it is – if the purse springs open far enough – as good as no limits.(sw)