Mahindra and Ford are crawling towards each other

Ford and the Indian Mahindra Group huddle closer together. The two companies are engines exchanging, and go hand in hand the future of the 'connected car' meet.

Last year it was announced that Ford and Mahindra together in India had found it. There was talk about the joint development of electric cars, and earlier this year signed the two companies have various papers which that cooperation for three years was established. Today reports Mahindra with Ford, two new arrangements have been made.

The expansion of the cooperation has among other things covers the sharing of powertrains. Mahindra is a small, economical petrol engine develop by the Indian branch of Ford, from 2020 onwards, will be used. In addition, Ford and Mahindra working together with the development of 'connected car solutions' for their models for the Indian market to be developed.

Pictured: the Indian Ford Figo, a car that we in Europe as the Ford Ka+ know.