Made to order

Maranello ( Italy ), October 13, 2014

If you want a suit that fits really well, then you go to a tailor. If you want a car that is almost unique and meets all personal desires, then you go to Maranello Ferrari. Sure, the money amounts are a little bit different, but the principle is the same.

Tradition meets modernity

60 years ago, that Ferrari has penetrated into the North American vehicle market. Even then, in the 1950s and 1960s, Ferrari built the 275 GTB / 4S NART Spider or the 400 Superamerica vehicles on order. The tradition designed and made short runs and single pieces continues to this day. Now Ferrari is before limited to ten copies special model called F60America in Los Angeles.

Contrasts in the interior

As a basis for the F60America is a F12. As time the 275 or the 400 remote Ferrari the roof of the vehicle starting. Moreover, given the limited Renner exclusive paintwork and a redesigned interior. The driver's area is kept red with composite materials and leather in color. So the seat, the dashboard, the center console and door panels are made in the Ferrari color. The square and the area of the passenger is decorated in contrasting black. Of course, and typical of the USA, also found on two sports seats, a Stars and Stripes.

Italian motor - music

The standard F12 has a top speed of 340 registered km / h. The will be the open Amerikapendant F60 probably not attested. Nevertheless, with the missing roof, the brutal noise, produced by the 6.3-liter V12, unfiltered penetrate into the interior. In screaming 8,250 rpm, the engine develops a whopping 740 hp. The let the F60America ?? as well as the F12 ?? in 3.1 seconds to sprint to 100 km / h.

sold out

Consider now go up a F60America? Unfortunately, too late, for the ten copies are already sold out. Although there is yet no official price has been announced. It should, alone with its exclusivity, its more expensive than the closed-F12. The is with 268,400 euros in the basic version also not exactly a bargain. The F60America has over the F12 but one big advantage: The Ferrari hairdryer hairstyle is included. (ml)