Luka EV: Retro-lektriker

Stenovice (Czech Republic), 6. April 2018

Imagine, briefly, you were with Günter Jauch on the quiz chair. There, you will be asked for a car brand from the Czech Republic. Clearly, Skoda is. Perhaps Tatras. With "Aero" would come out of the closet as a walking Oldtimer-Lexikon. But the MW engine? Never heard of it. This is the first MW product. Welcome to the Luka EV.

A Full Dose Of Nostalgia

The MW Motors has its headquarters in the small Town of Stenovice near Pilsen. There, that Luka EV, the delight in our retro happy eyes results. A Feast for all the friends of old Designs: The front fascia is reminiscent of the Karmann-Ghia and the Mercedes 190 SL, the three-quarter view to the rear is reminiscent of the Aston Martin DB4 of 1958. It's more nostalgic: leather seats and a clean carbon-fiber dashboard with the air outlets of the Jet Look. Instead of a shift lever, there is a dial.

Lightweight and electrically

More is not necessary, because the Luka EV (the Name gives it away) to the electric drive. In each of the wheel E-Motor with 12.5 kilowatts of power, a total of 50 kilowatts are equal to 68 HP. This is enough to speed in 9.6 seconds to 100 kph. In the aluminum-Chassis MW engine packs a a 21.9-kilowatt-hour battery, overall, the vehicle should weigh in at around 815 kg. In the room there is a fuel consumption of 6.8 kilowatt-hours is also 100 kilometers, ergo the Luka EV would come 300 miles. But now we have to wait: On his Homepage MW Motors indicates that you can change the specifications. A crash test should be carried out.(rh)