Longer, wider, flatter

Frankfurt, August 11, 2014

End of July 2014 were published the first sketches and renderings of the third generation model of the Kia Sorento. Peu à peu drives Kia continued with the unveiling and now shows pictures of the new flagship SUV. The Sorento is publicly presented for the first time in late August in Korea, its European premiere will take place at the Paris Motor Show from 4 to 19 October 2014.

Premium feel

The third generation model addresses the current design language of Kia. The new model of the Sorento is longer, lower and wider than the previous versions. So the roof line loses 15 millimeters in height, the body grows by 95 millimeters to 4.78 meters and the wheelbase has grown by 80 millimeters. Especially, the growth in wheelbase to provide more space in all three rows of seats according to Kia. A striking feature of the new front lens is a larger and almost upright grille. The South Koreans want to settle with the new look of the SUV in the premium segment.

No more precise information

Beginning of 2015, the new Kia SUV are the merchants. The extent to which the planned resettlement in the premium SUV segment will affect the price, can not yet say. In terms of drive Kia keeps still covered. It would be conceivable, the current 2.2-liter diesel, which could easily be revised and offered as a Euro-6 engine on the German market in the Sorento . (ml)