Lightyear cannot find investors, cheaper solar car also canceled

Lightyear now wants to build solar roofs for existing cars

Anyone who bought a Lightyear 0 in the auction earlier this year really has something unique on their hands. Because as it stands now, Lightyear will never build another car again. The CEO of the Dutch company tells the Financieel Dagblad that they have scrapped plans for a cheaper solar car because there are no investors.

The subsidiary Atlas Technologies went bankrupt earlier this year. The child of the bill was the Lightyear 0, which was canceled during the bankruptcy. The car manufacturer would focus on the cheaper Lightyear 2. The company raised 8 million euros to stem the bleeding and the plan was to raise even more capital to continue development.

However, twiddling your thumbs is not an option for the Brabant company. The focus is now on the other subsidiary called Lightyear Layer. With this company they want to offer sunroofs to other car manufacturers. An agreement has already been signed with a supplier of a car brand for a trial and an 'Asian car manufacturer' is said to be very interested.

Lightyear follows the fixed pattern

With current technologies, and especially the costs of all technology, a solar car does not seem viable. Lightyear is not the only company that first tried to build a car, discovered that it was very difficult and now started building parts. The German Sono Motors follows exactly the same route.

Would you really like a cheaper solar car? Then you can go shopping at Aptera. This American car manufacturer sells a three-wheeler for 40,000 euros that can travel up to 1,600 kilometers on a single charge, with a little help from the sun. You have to admit: this is a favorable offer. This company wants to build no fewer than 10,000 cars per year.