Less weight for increased performance

Daytona (USA), 27 February 2016

Just a few weeks after Ford with the new GT won the GTLM class at the 24-hour race in Daytona, the manufacturer at the same location now displays a more radical version of the new GT road model: the competition series. Less weight and a better balance to give the super sports car more racing character.

Acrylic glass and carbon rims

Although the GT competition isn't quite as radical comes along, such as, for example, the special models P1 GTR and FXXK from McLaren and Ferrari, the Ford is fully roadworthy. The engineers have paid particular attention to the reduction of the weight of the vehicle and a better balance. The engine cover was replaced by lightweight acrylic. A manual opening mechanism saves additional weight. Also the glass behind the driver and front passenger has been changed: halving the thickness means also a halving of the weight. In addition to the competition facilities, the options of the "normal" GT of carbon rims, titanium wheel nuts are standard, titanium exhaust.

Stripped-down interior

But not only at the exterior, Ford saves weight. In the Interior, the GT is trimmed slightly more radical. Custom-built carbon panels on the centre console and steering wheel cover the Elimination of the infotainment system and the associated controls. Red shift paddles make clear already at the first glance that it is a special model. By the way: how much weight now saves Ford at the competition GT, did not betray the manufacturer. The dry weight of the standard GT is 1,385 kilograms. That is likely anyway provide fun at 656 PS and 745 nm of torque. (mf)