Lamborghini: 'AI can help you improve your driving skills'

The technology is also becoming increasingly important in the development of cars

According to a study by the American investment bank Goldman Sachs, AI could take over 300 million jobs worldwide. We fear for our place behind the laptop. Artificial intelligence has also made its debut in car brands such as Lamborghini. This is confirmed by Lambo's technical boss, Rouven Mohr. The technology is used by the brand in various ways. And the possibilities are far from over.

Mohr talks to MotorTrend about the use of AI within Lamborghini. According to Mohr, artificial intelligence will be 'a game-changer' when developing a car. 'You can easily start with a good basis that you can fine-tune. So in the pure development phase, generative AI can really help,” says Mohr.

Lamborghini investigates AI

Car brands can also use bots in other areas. 'AI can also improve the driving experience. You can use algorithms that base the torque distribution on your driving behavior, for example.' The car stores your driving input and thus collects information about how you interact with the steering wheel and pedals. The more you drive the car, it can adapt to your driving style.

“[AI] could even help you improve the way you drive. We are now investigating this," says the Lamborghini CEO. Mohr does not go into specific detail about it, but you can paint a picture. If the AI knows the ideal line and the perfect braking and turning points around a circuit, it can guide you in the right direction.

This type of software is therefore only becoming more important in cars. With the Lamborghini Revuelto, much of the driving pleasure also comes down to data: "The fact that the Revuelto drives so precisely and predictably is thanks to major improvements in the dynamic control systems, and that is ultimately a specific type of software," says Mohr.