KBA assigns officially the recall of

Hair, October 15, 2015

The vehicles with the illegal engine software will be officially on the Federal Motor Transport Authority ( KBA ) recalled how report various newspapers consistent and citing a KBA spokesman. Under Articles is about 2.4 million cars. Where the deviation from the 2.8 million German vehicles originates, the Federal Minister of Transport Alexander Dobrindt has brought into play, is not yet known.

A voluntary recall is not an official

VW wanted to date call the wagons concerned during the year 2016 on its own initiative in the workshops. A " correct " callback according to the German Product Safety Act is not yet the. During an official recall of the vehicle owner is not contacted by the shop, but by the KBA. Why the KBA decided to take this step, is not known.

New fudging?

In addition, VW has admitted that more cars are affected by the cheating than previously added: According to a report in " The Detroit News " VW has tricked in the US not only in the production period 2009-2015, but also in the 2016er models who come just in trade. It is obviously a software (sort of cheat software no. 2 ), which brings the catalytic converter to operating temperature more quickly, so that the nitrogen oxides are made ​​faster harmless in the event of a cold start. Whether the technique is illegal 'll still under investigation by the EPA, it is said in the article. The affected cars are first of all stockpiled until the issue is settled. Here, the US retailer had just so looking forward to the fresh goods ?? because the cars production year of 2015 ( with cheating software number 1 ) were removed from the sale of VW.

Antitrust investigation in the US

In the US, meanwhile, also examines the FTC ( Federal Trade Commission ), whether VW has deceived his advertising for diesel vehicles to customers. The EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency ) and the Texas prosecutor determine this. The designated North America CEO Winfried Vahland no longer needs to deal with the whole mess. Former Skoda chief is leaving the Group due to disagreement over the strategy to be followed, as Wednesday ( October 14 ) was known. Who accepts the post, remained unclear for the time being ?? like so much else in the whole affair. So at least the manager still halfway intimated CEO Matthias Müller gathered now 400 top decision-makers in Leipzig around and inform them of the recall, the investigation into VW and its austerity program . ( sl )