Jürgen Klopp: It's about the sausage

Rüsselsheim, May 21, 2015

" Gehste held city. Wat makes you as fed up? ` Ne Currywurst. " This once sung by Herbert Grönemeyer Ruhrpott credo also applies to the new Opel commercial featuring Jürgen Klopp. In the short film which takes place at a sausage stand, it comes to the new OnStar system from Opel. Serve with the first broadcast date on May 23: On the last weekend of the Bundesliga season for several teams, it goes around the sausage.

fully networked

But back to the topic: The term " OnStar " conceals a mobility and HelpAssistant including 4G / LTE wireless hotspot. From mid-June, the system can be ordered for each new Opel cars, ie from small to Karl-new Astra, which debuts in September 2015. Up to seven mobile devices can be linked to the hotspot. Smartphone owners can also connect via app with her ​​car. This is the opening and closing of the car from anywhere, as well as the destination input into the navigation system or the localization to a theft. When an accident happens, is when the airbags are triggered automatically connect to a control center made ​​if the driver can not itself, is an emergency button on board.

Smartphone and Currywurst

All this sounds of course quite complex, which is why the topic of OnStar is mediated humorous in new Klopp spot. The cult coach waits together with his friend, the actor Joachim Krol, to a snack bar on the Currywurst. While waiting Klopp presented the OnStar smartphone app, with which he opens and closes his Insignia OPC, but can also check the oil level and tire pressure remotely. Facing the uncertain sporting future of Klopp asks Krol, if that was possible also from Manchester, Milan or Madrid. Klopp answers: " From everywhere ". Since the stallholders turns in the Ruhr - slang: " Now he is first in Dortmund ... and eats his sausage. " Since 2012 Jürgen Klopp is brand ambassador of Opel and should remain so after his resignation as manager of Borussia Dortmund . ( rh )