Is the London brazenly copied taxi?

Cologne, 9 August 2015

At Toyota, taxis have a long tradition: already in 1936 were promoted in the model AA people commercially. Now, the Japanese develop a completely new generation of taxi for the year 2017. The look will be very known one or the other they LTI fairway, reminds us very much the better as "London taxi" is known.

Friendly taxi

The vehicle should reflect the Japanese gas experience and increase the comfort for the elderly, families with children, as well as for tourists. Toyota "universal design" thanks to the design template by LTI that is accompanied by a number of assistance and safety systems. To improve the service, Toyota and taxi association representatives are working on a multi-language ordering service.

Autonomous passenger transport

In addition to the new vehicle technologies are developed around the Japanese capital of Tokyo also, to bring the autonomous driving in the taxi industry. Of which, it is hoped a help in everyday life especially for foreign and older drivers. Incidentally, Toyota is not the only Japanese maker with taxi ambitions: conquering Nissan just the taxi world of New York with the NV200 and replaced the Ford Crown Victoria as a classic "yellow cab". (mf)