Interior of the S-class?

Hair, 19 January 2016

A severe winter there is at the moment not only in Germany, the facelifted of Mercedes c-class must now prove in bitter cold weather at the Arctic circle. Now our Erlkönig Hunter got the prototypes during test drives. Especially the pictures of the Interior are interesting.

Makeover for the exterior

We can derive from the cover of front and rear apron that the c-class will experience arguably similar facelift measures such as most recently the larger S-class. Headlights, tail lights, as well as the bumpers are likely to have something modern to change the model. The changes concern both the sedan and the wagon, both vehicles can be seen on the images in the gallery.

A look inside

However, a look at the Interior of the c-class is much more interesting than the aufgehübschte exterior. There too much on some inspirations from the S-class evidence? The touchpad in the center console, for example, introduced Mercedes first in the large sedan. Also the many buttons are new. We cannot give but still details to the infotainment display, and the dashboard, these areas were obscured in the camouflaged generously with fabric.

Prices and market launch

The current model of the c-class was launched in 2014 and is associated with a face lift on the cutting edge. We expect at the earliest for the model year 2018 the fresh Benz. The entry-level of c-class of the C160 starts at around 32,000 euros. (mf)