In the footsteps of the 787b

Los Angeles, 21 November 2016

Mazda is the only Japanese car manufacturer, who won each of the 24-hour race of Le Mans. Now returns the company in the endurance racing, but for the time being concentrate on operations in America. At the start is the Mazda on the show recently introduced car Los Angeles, a newly developed race car named RT24 P.

Daytona prototype by Mazda

The new Mazda racer enters the American "IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship" on. There he is classified in the class of so-called Daytona prototypes, the fastest cars in the Championship. Also his debut end of January 2017 at the legendary circuit of Daytona will be appropriately the RT24 P. There is the opening of season classics with a race time of 24 hours.

The chassis comes from Riley

Under the Mazda-designed carbon bodywork is a new chassis from Riley chassis specialists, located the "mk. 30"-chassis. This will be tested in the new Mazda prototypes. Is driven the RT24 P by a Mazda engine with two liters of displacement, four cylinders and turbocharging. The output is saturated 600 HP.

Cryptic name

Is used the RT24 P by the experienced "SpeedSource race engineering" team, based in Florida. The name also stems from several shortcuts. "RT24" stands for "road to 24" a promotion of the Japanese for young racers. The number 24 also symbolizes two liters of displacement and four cylinders. The "P" indicates the prototype class. (mf)