In Design: A man looks at a black

Rennerod, 7. August 2017

Joe goes All the way: For nearly 25 years, Joe In his tuning company Inden Design in the area of more expensive sports cars on the road. Doable everything is, how the latest project is proof in the sales order. A Mercedes SLS AMG has been transformed into a SLS AMG "Black Series". Were added to the individual optimizations.

Carbon fiber is the trump card

Now you could buy a finished SLS AMG "Black Series", but these vehicles are rare. Total AMG't announced numbers, but it only 132 of these versions can be found in the United States. So Joe In has built a rarity. First, the output product, a normal SLS AMG has been dismantled, completely. The Black Series-original painted parts to be later part of the reconstruction. The side parts are made of Carbon and have been specially adapted. Finally, the Interior and the engine compartment is decked out with carbon fiber.

A little more is always

As far as the Black Series conversion was done, but Inden Design on it sat a: The entire sub-floor was eisgestrahlt, many parts painted or plastic coated. In addition, a KW-thread, spring kit and a valve controlled exhaust system made of stainless steel were installed. Add to this the BBS F1 wheels in the Format 265/30 R20 front and 325/25 R21 at the back. More power, there is also: Instead of the standard 571 HP, the company MKB delivers 635 PS, the four PS more than the standard SLS AMG Black Series.(rh)