If the Bank bus

Göppingen, Germany/Stuttgart, 11 August 2016

More and more bank branches must close, most recently Deutsche Bank that made headlines. To stay yet local presence, a mobile solution is close. So how in some areas does the book bus, a bus of the Bank could visit even more remote communities. The Kreissparkasse Göppingen has already implemented this idea. Since November 2015 is a bright red Mercedes Sprinter 316 CDI with 163 HP with a full banking facilities in the district.

Easy access and armor

The Bankmobil is based on a low frame chassis, which otherwise uses Mercedes for motorhomes. It is 21 centimetres deep and so easy to put. Berger Fahrzeugbau GmbH of Frankfurt brought about the building. The construction is bulletproof. Bulletproof glass divides him into a point-of-sale and customer area. From the cab of bank employees reached through an alarm-protected door in his area. The customer, however, enters the mobile branch through a push button controlled swing door with a retractable step, similar to that seen by buses here. Inside, large Windows provide a bright and friendly environment. Customers with disabilities can be operated by means of an intercom and a carry drawer.

Self-sufficient thanks to strong batteries and satellite system

The vehicle is camera monitored and connected with its GPS location directly to the police. A satellite system on the roof provides the connection to the data center of the Sparkasse in Göppingen, Germany. The Bankmobil can offer to the same service as a normal branch. Even a toilet with sink for the employees is integrated. The energy for air conditioning, electronics and lighting comes from lithium-ion batteries be charged overnight. So, the Bankmobil is self sufficient throughout the day. (sl)