If saving is the risk

Stuttgart 7 October 2015

That there is in the winter tire market some really good opportunities to get safely through the cold season, the Society for Technical Supervision ( GTÜ ) has already shown in its latest winter tire test for 2015/2016. Now the organization has carried out only the cheaper copies from near and far east ?? with some startling results. We tested tires in size 205/55 R16 on a VW Golf. For comparison, a Dunlop winter tires was used.

Dangerously long stopping distances

Could be the seven candidates in handling and braking tests on snow-covered roads relatively well out of trouble, immersed in wet and muddy road in big weaknesses. When emergency braking from 100 km / h to a halt the worst tire Linglong R650LL required, all eleven meters longer braking distance than the Dunlop tires. Especially dangerous: Equipped with the Chinese tires golf shot when braking test yet over with a residual speed of 41.4 km / h on already standing Dunlop golf. Imagine the whole in a crossing situation ?? adventurous. However, the remaining candidates with such evocative names like Achilles, Race Alone, Ovation, cormorant, Infinity or Champiro lagging compared with the same tires greatly afterwards.

Overall rating: Fail

Overall, GTÜ has nothing good to cheap tires. The criticisms range from poor grip levels and poor cornering of severe load change reactions at low speed to barely existing traction. Even when starting on slippery surfaces, the test candidates are inferior to the Dunlop tire significantly. Our tip: Save With Winter tires are not in the wrong places, while putting their own safety at risk. ( mf )