Hyundai teaset Saga EV

Hyundai let a bunch of sketches to know what the a new study model has been prepared for the São Paulo International Motor Show next month.

Hyundai is not exactly generous with information, but leave a bunch of sketches of the new study model, in which the name Saga EV is wearing. The Saga EV, you guessed it, is a harbinger on a new electric model of the Brazilian branch of Hyundai, a division cars as the HB20, which we practically nowhere else in the world.

The Saga EV is, according to Hyundai 'compact SUV for an urban environment'. In short: a compact cross-over with an electric powertrain that allows the brand to own say is aimed at young consumers that the environment is of paramount importance. The car carries a design language that Hyundai 'Sensual Sport' baptizing. On the images we see in each case a cross-over with voluptuous lines, large L-shaped rear lights and a nose which Hyundais new grille is placed. More information will follow in the run-up to the São Paulo International Auto Show.