Hyundai started with the delivery time Kona Electric

The Kona's Electric go like hot cakes over the counter, because the delivery time of the electric Hyundai has in the meantime increased to a year. Hyundai does now everything to make the delay even before the turn of the year to solve With this action hopes to Hyundai the Netherlands, that the old delivery can be maintained and not the 10 to 12 months now for the car. For 2019 expected Hyundai that the production is increased, making the global delivery time should decrease. The car saves not only in the Netherlands but also in several other European countries quite ordered. In the Netherlands received since september 1, 414 customers the keys of a new Kona Electric.

The Kona Electric with 64 kWh battery is full battery power is about 480 km away. The Hyundai leaves the showroom from € 39.195. If people are very high with the accrued waiting time, than they can through a special action for a short period when Hyundai a tussenauto lease. It is not about the Kona, but to the Ionic Electric.