Hydrogen plus pace: the name is program

Cambiano (Italy) / Geneva, 2 March 2016

If today's Super athletes often are on the road with hybrid technology, why should future with hydrogen drive then? The has himself apparently thought the design Pininfarina and speed presents at the Geneva Auto Salon (3rd to 13th March 2016) the H2.

No mere show car, but driving capable

The 4.70 meters long and only 1.09 metre high study is not a driving unfaehiges show car, but was already tested on the race track. Between serial and racing cars, could be produced in small series, Pininfarina says. The fuel cell technology of the car comes from the partner company GreenGT. The drive train consists of two electric motors with an output of 370 kW (503 HP). This power is supplied by two low-temperature stack (PEFMC, polymer electrolyte fuel cell).

In 3.4 seconds to 100

The force is transmitted directly to the rear wheels, the ratio slipped 1 to 6.3 clutch and gear selection so. The car dominates a torque vectoring, what do you mean well: the two electric motors on the rear wheels can be driven differently. The 6.1 kilogram of gaseous hydrogen be carried in two 700-bar hoppers. The range is not specified, but it should correspond to the a cars with internal combustion engine. Refuelling is in three minutes. Thanks to Lightweight construction, the car weighs only 1,420 kilograms, the weight distribution is making something with 41 to 59 percent. Maximum of 300 km/h with the hydrogen cars are possible. Tempo 100 is achieved according to 3.4 seconds, thus the car approximately at the level of a Ferrari is FF or Mercedes-AMG GT. He may be but far more expensive because of the fuel-cell technology but maybe that's just desirable among the clients conscious exclusivity. (sl)