Hybrid-Beamer for the ride

Munich, 11. October 2017

Is not you ever noticed that other road users will look mostly on the amount of the calves, if you are a bit faster on the road, but, above all, meticulous the frame of the bike to the batteries and motors patterns? No wonder, since E-Bikes are on the rise and no longer a marginal phenomenon in road traffic. No matter whether Mountain, City or touring bike, BMW can now boast an impressive Bicycle range. Now a new arrival on the market, the Bike BMW Active Hybrid e-.

90 Newton meters and up to 100 km range

The Brose electric motor that can be activated when needed to support the pedal power, with a 250 Watt and 90 Newton meters of torque for propulsion. The Power for the electric assist is stored in a removable 504 Wh battery. The range is up to 100 kilometers. Four different levels of Untersch├╝tztungs modes to choose from ┬ľ Eco (plus 50 percent) to Turbo (+275%). If the speed exceeds 25 km/h, stops the electric Motor always is automatically.

Sleek Design, nice Details, juicy price

The Motor and battery are fully integrated in the aluminum frame, which contributes positively to the not-too-cluttered Silhouette. BMW painted the wheel in "Frozen Black" and "Arctic Silver". Nice Details: The LED rear light is flat, integrated in the aluminium mudguard, a Micro-USB input or a Bluetooth-function, the Bicycle can be connected with the Smartphone and a so-called "eZone"saddle is extra tailored to the needs of E-bikers. A better Balance when Starting and braking, a bit more comfort and a built-in fiberglass-handle to the seat back for easier handling in the Stand. The Price? The BMW Active Hybrid e-Bike is 3,400 euros.(ml)