How many bitcoins do you need to buy a Ferrari?

Early next year you can take your digital ducats to Ferrari dealers

Car brands also realized that cryptocurrency is not a one-hit wonder. Elon Musk was mainly concerned with the Dogecoin, but also sold Teslas in exchange for bitcoins. In 2021, Musk stopped doing so due to 'environmental concerns'. Ferrari now thinks differently about this. Ferrari's marketing manager Enrico Galliera announced to Reuters that you can now buy a Ferrari with bitcoins.

According to Galliera, Ferrari received requests from the market and Ferrari dealers shared stories about customers asking for payments with bitcoins. Now the plan is being implemented and rolled out first in America. In the first quarter of 2024 we should also be able to buy Ferraris in Europe with crypto. In America, Ferrari only accepts Bitcoin, Ether and USDC coins.

Ferrari will not trade in bitcoins itself. The payments go through a company called BitPay, which is apparently the big boy in the world of digital currencies. They then transfer the amount in, er, real money to the car brand. According to Galliera, Ferrari did not want to trade in crypto itself at all costs, because the value of the coins fluctuates too much.

How many bitcoins do I need to buy a new Ferrari?

According to the current price, one Bitcoin is worth 26,391.34 euros. Blink your eyes twice and the amount has changed again. So check what the digital currency is worth before placing your order. The cheapest new Ferrari is the Roma. It now costs 180,085 euros without taxes. Say it costs €200,000 with taxes. For this you need 7.58 Bitcoin. If you want to be safe with any additional taxes and options, set aside 8 bitcoins.

You will soon also be able to pay with crypto at official Ferrari dealers. That is why you could also pay for a second-hand 328 GTS weighing one tonne – in euros, for the sake of clarity – with digital coins. You only need 3.78 bitcoins for that Ferrari. Quite annoying for a man who bought a second-hand Lamborghini Gallardo in 2013 for 216.8433 bitcoins. At the current rate he would have paid 5.7 million euros.