Honda Monkey: Comeback

Frankfurt/Main, 24. April 2018

She looks as if she was tumbling down just from the children's carousel: The tiny Honda Monkey is a cult since 1961 two-Wheeler. Often, it was joked, you hot only because you sit on it like the proverbial "monkey on the grinding stone". Now the Monkey is back and more modern than ever before.

Six Decades Of Tradition

By the way, the reference to children is not fetched carousel so far: Originally, the first copies of the Honda Monkey had been constructed as an attraction for children at the Tama-Tech amusement Park of Tokyo. But not only the potential Honda customers of tomorrow could be won for the pipsqueak, but also their parents. In 1963 a marketing authorisation-enabled variant was also exported to Europe and the USA. In 1970, a foldable Arm, followed, as a result, the Monkey was particularly popular as a mobile carriage solution for RV owners.

Look like once

Starting in June of 2018, it should give the 1.71 meters long Neo-Monkey in German Honda dealers. Visually, they hardly changes: Raised fenders, an exhaust heat shield and round mirror housing is to quote the past. On the 5.6-litre fuel Tank split and the three-dimensional Honda-wing-logo. The wheelbase measures 1.15 meters, the turning circle is 1.9 meters. Seat height? 775 mm. Important for a possible transportation: With a full Tank, the Monkey weighs 107 kg.

Standard ABS

Technically, the 2018er-Monkey is well equipped: The sturdy steel frame combined with a Upside-Down fork with a Ovelrohr rear swing arm, so there is a decent suspension. An ABS prevents maneuvers the Lifting of the Rear wheel during extremely hard braking. The Twelve-inch wheels have disc brakes. In a round housing, the LCD cockpit display, all the lights including the headlight work with LED technology.

Less than ten HP

Was launched, the Honda Monkey once with 50 cubic, in the future, it is 9.4 HP from an air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine with fuel injection and 125 cubic centimeters of displacement. Eleven Newton metres of maximum torque are available at 5250 tours available. The fußgeschaltete gearbox has four gears. With a Liter of fuel, the Monkey comes 67 kilometers far. 125 cubic mean, however, that not every owner of a car can have a driver's license Monkey-fun. It is possible only for all of your class 3-lobe in front of the 1. April 1980. Otherwise, A1 must be purchased driving permit, what is possible from age 16. As the price for the new Honda Monkey around 4,100 euros are in the conversation. A choice of three colour combinations: Yellow-White, Red-White and Black-and-White.(rh)