Holy Lamborghini

Vatican city, 16. November 2017

Imagine for a Moment that a white Lamborghini painted on St Peter's square "Donuts" and finally, in front of the entrance of St. Peter's drifts. Of him, Pope Francis rises with a blissful Smile. Urgent Father? So far, it is not likely to come up: "Papa Francesco" as the Italians call it, is soon to be 81, a super sports car is rather uncomfortable. However, the Lamborghini, the Pope would now have in the fleet.

An exclusive Huracán

To hand over to Stefano Domenicali, his characters, the boss of Lamborghini, went personally to the Vatican, to his Holiness the unique Huracán. It is the model with rear-wheel drive and 580 HP. In the Lamborghini "Ad Personam" (Latin, that is likely the Pope) was individualized to the car. The painting is based on the colours of the Vatican flag: Bianco Monocerus (White) and Giallo Tiberino (Yellow).

Auction in April 2018

However, Francis will not keep the particular Lamborghini, small him are car rather. The papal Huracán velvet autograph of the Holy father on 12. May 2018 auctioned. The proceeds will go to various Church projects, including the reconstruction of the Nineveh plain in Iraq, or a community for women who have been victims of human trafficking and forced prostitution.(rh)