High-voltage for more efficiency

Ingolstadt, 8 June 2017

The new A8, Audi pushes stormy electrification: the next generation for the first time as standard receives a mild-hybrid system and a 48-volt electrical system. Both increases the efficiency in particular.

Starter/generator belt for quick reboots

A lithium-ion battery with 10 ampere hours serves as energy storage capacity in the luggage compartment. The conventional Starter is used in the new A8 only from a cold start. There is a 48-volt belt Starter generator (RSG) for the reboots. Advantage: When the driver approaches for example a red light, then suddenly turns green, the internal combustion engine when releasing the brake starts immediately the car accelerated without delay. This is only possible with the belt Starter generator which is permanently connected to an internal combustion engine.

Optimized sailing

The quick restart by RSG enables also an improved function of the sailing. It can be used in the fourth generation of the A8 between 55 and 160 km/h. The motor is switched off and the car sails away up to 40 seconds long emission-free. Once the driver again gas, a fast and comfortable restarting via the RSG.

Improved automatic start-stop system

After pausing, the automatic start-stop system distinguishes between various traffic situations. Free road the RSG starts the glow quickly, so you can go quickly. The engine, however, starts gently after long periods of stand and strong air conditioning. The predictive comfort start is a novelty: whenever the vehicle before the A8 in motion, the engine starts, even if the brake is still occurred.

Recuperation or sailing?

To decide whether sailing or recuperation is cheaper, the A8 processed data from the GPS as well as the data from its own sensors. So, the car switches to even on recuperation if he too would approach a vehicle ahead sailing. These measures and the mild-hybrid system can reduce consumption by up to 0.7 liters per 100 kilometers, promising Audi. The new upper-class Audi has world premiere in Barcelona on 11 July 2017. (sl)