gigantic Golf

Reifnitz ( Austria ), May 18, 2015

A power to weight ratio of 2.83 kilograms per hp, 3.4 seconds from zero to 100 km / h, and a top speed of more than 300 kilometers per hour: This sounds at first glance by the values ​​of a supercar. But it is a VW Golf, which can burn the asphalt. More specifically, the Oettinger 500R.

Once there was a R

The company Oettinger has a very special sound with VW fans, eventually you souped decades ago the bugs. Basis for the 500R, which was presented as part of the GTI Meet at Wörthersee Austria, the Golf R., however, of which there is not much to see, because of the Oettinger Tag grow ten centimeters in width. The optical changes include, among others a widened front bumper, various additional air intakes and rear wheel arch extensions. They are designed for both the three-and the five-door. By pressing a button the carbon parts of the 500R illuminate orange.

Do not look, but to touch

Technically Oettinger has hardly left any stone unturned. Finally, the 500R is not intended for looking at, but the performance and have to go hard as a board to the curve, the manufacturer. Therefore, there is an aluminum front axle and rear-axle track arm, which also consist of the lightweight material. For the delay a high performance brake system provides. Depending on the purpose of the 500R is on different sized wheels: For show purposes, there are 20-inch wheels with 275er tires for use on racetracks looks Oettinger 18-inch wheels with tires 285er - front.

Five is Trümpf

Under the hood of the famous Audi 2.5-liter TFSI uses five cylinders. Oettinger changes its turbocharger and the map matching at the engine control unit. In addition, forged pistons, a modified intake air and an optimized exhaust system. The result is 518 hp, with maximum torque of 680 Newton meters at 3,600 revolutions. To the power transmission is a six-speed transmission and a four-wheel drive care. Cheap is the fun factory VW Golf R400 to rein in, but not: Approximately 150,000 Euros Oettinger plans for a 500R to be offered as a limited edition. But the company from Friedrichsdorf near Frankfurt am Main is planning further escalation levels: versions with 600, 650 and 750 hp will follow shortly . ( rh )