German - Americans with six-cylinder

Munich / Cernobbio ( Italy ), May 26, 2015

The Concorso d' Eleganza gathered annually impressive exhibits of the mobile past and future. Here, the event is limited on Lake Como not only on four-wheel representative. Also motorcycles are among the most well liked exhibits. In the midst of this coexistence was BMW from 22 to 24 May 2015 motorcycle concept car: the BMW Motorrad " Concept 101 ".

Two number meanings

The number 101 is on the one hand for the point of origin of the vehicle. Not far from the Highway 101 on the West Coast in Newbury Park, California, the BMW subsidiary Designworks designed the bike. On the other hand refers 101 to the displacement of the concept. The combustion chambers of the straight-six engine has a total volume of 1,649 cubic centimeters. Converted to the American unit Cubic Inches to a value of about 101. Exact performance of the aggregate results are not yet known. However, the torque of the straight-six to " provide extraordinary propulsion in every situation " for.

Typical American Silhouette

" When designing the " Concept 101 " we had a clear vision: Under the slogan". The Spirit of the Open Road " We wanted to build a powerful, emotional and highly exclusive six-cylinder vehicle with which is any way to a special experience A Bike which makes me forget my goal, because only the moment counts, "says Ola Stenegård, Head of Vehicle design BMW motorcycle. So especially the flat, elongated and streamlined silhouette is striking. It is typical of American cars - motorcycles.

Design and materials

The front panel is made of brushed aluminum. It integrates the headlights. Two side panels frame the front. Two tailpipes, each with three outlets visualize the number of cylinders. The rear light was designed in the form of two LED strips. She frames the darkened rear section including two side cases. The design of the luminaire is reminiscent of the wing-shaped vehicle ends large American cars of the 50s and 60s. Everywhere on the vehicle has been working with carbon fiber composites. As a point of contrast to all the silver paint surfaces, the brushed aluminum and the carbon therefore dark oiled wood surfaces were installed on the motorcycle body. The bench is made of black leather on the side panels and perforated black leather on the seat surface . (ml)