Gasoline will not become 21 cents more expensive per liter in 2024

Although: at least not due to excise duties

Gasoline will not become more expensive next year. Or actually: not at the hands of the government. If one leader of a totalitarian regime looks dirty at the other, prices will go through the roof again, but an excise tax increase will not be the reason that gasoline becomes more expensive in 2024.

When a bonfire broke out in eastern Europe, the world noticed it at the pump. The Dutch government decided to reduce excise duties in 2022. Petrol became 17.3 cents cheaper and diesel 11.3 cents. Last summer the discount was halved and fuel prices already rose slightly.

The excise duty discount on petrol will remain in 2024

Fuel prices have now risen further on their own and if the government were to completely reduce excise duties to pre-war levels, there would be a lot of crying at the pump. Together with an inflation correction, the liter price of petrol would rise by 21 cents after New Year's Eve.

Well, those plans have been scrapped. Enough parties agreed in the House of Representatives and the current excise duties on petrol and diesel will be maintained for 2024. What will happen in 2025 is still unknown; that will depend on the voting behavior of the Netherlands.