From Molsheim to Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach (USA), 21. August 2017

Only 500 copies to be built by the Bugatti Chiron. And while in Europe, the first customers were already supplied with almost three million U.S. dollars on expensive super sports car, had to wait for the buyers in North America are still on their first delivery. But now it was on the occasion of the Concours d'elegance in 2017 in California's Pebble Beach, finally so far and the first Chiron was the future owners.

Modifications for the US market

Since it is a Chiron for the United States, had to be made some adjustments to the 1,500-horsepower W16-car. So, this Bugatti has the typical position light fixtures as well as the impact of Sagittarius on the rear bumper to protect against collisions at low speeds protected. Great, the modifications are not seen, but in a pinch we could live with that, if we were to assume a remaining Chiron.

Chiron: Not A Shop Keeper?

Speaking of which, Bugatti indicates that, to date, more than 250 copies were sold. So the Chiron is much more popular than the Veyron's predecessor, had to be offered a decade in various special models in order to find customers for the 450 copies. Bugatti expects by the way to be able to this year, 70 Chiron from the stack. If it stays at this rate of production, the production of only 2024.

The first delivery in Detail

But back to the US-only delivery: The Front of the vehicle is painted in Yellow, the "Classique"rims, the horseshoe and the decorative part of the distinctive lateral line are also kept in this shade. The rear section is, however, executed in black "Nocturne". The two-tone color scheme is continued in the full-leather trim in the interior. The interior seat surfaces, centre console armrest, the door panels, as well as the C-shaped line of separation in the passenger compartment are kept in a yellow leather – in contrast to the rest of the interior in black leather named "Beluga Black".(ml)