From China to Europe

Shanghai (China), 28. August 2017

You Know Chery? Now, anyone who says "Chinese car manufacturers" is the sign of a capable observer of global Trends. Founded 20 years ago, Chery sold around six million vehicles, of which more than 1.2 million were exported. Now take a new, unknown brand in Europe in its sights. At the Frankfurt auto show IAA (16. - 24. September 2017), shows a study where the journey goes in the Design.

Entry into Europe

Ray Bierzynski, head of the centre for research and development of Chery in Shanghai, the price is already a few key points: "The world premiere of the new Compact SUVs will be the start of our entry into European markets with a completely new model series. All members of this family, which will come within a few years on the market, wearing a characteristic expression, with easy-to-use technology, electrified powertrains and advanced safety features." Interesting: Before his Job at Chery Bierzynski was for the electrical strategy of General Motors in China. It's fitting that the IAA vehicle comprises an electric drive.

In the footsteps of the Koreans

So Chery will follow in the footsteps of Hyundai and Kia. There you had realized at some point that, in Europe, is not only a cheaper price. Rather, a stand-alone, but pleasing Design, the sales figures increase sharply. Similar to how the Koreans also Chery is planning its own Design and research centres in Europe, to be closer to local Trends.

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