France does not like the diesel more

Hair, October 16, 2015

Last Thursday, October 15 gave the Federal Motor Transport Authority ( KBA ) on record that 2.4 million cars will be officially recalled in Germany. These additional details are now known. First, does this official recall that all customers have to perform the repair ?? even if they are not interested in how many nitrogen oxides coming from their exhaust. Otherwise the type approval of the vehicle shall be deleted.

No longer allowed 400,000 car

Secondly, it is clear: The difference to the originally stated by Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt number of 2.8 million comes from the fact that 400,000 vehicles are now no longer permitted, the " Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung " ( FAZ ). And yet a new number there: Europe must 8.5 million diesel vehicles of the Group in the workshops, as VW reports. The Group affirms once again that it only comes to the diesel under the symbol EA 189th The current, employed since 2012. Diesel Generation EA 288 is not affected.

France abolishes privileges of diesel

As the FAZ also reported wants France ?? traditionally a strong Diesel Land ?? gradually highlight the tax concessions for diesel. Every year, the tax increases on diesel by a penny, and falling on petrol by the same amount. In a few years as to the preferential tax treatment disappear. But the reason is not so much the VW affair than worrying about the air quality ?? especially in Paris, where because of smog repeatedly bans are imposed. In Germany, however, does not abolish the diesel subsidy is planned, as Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks . ( sl )