Ford Territory is not, by definition, purely for China

In August presented Ford with a new Territory for the Chinese market, a cross-over that is purely for the Chinese market would be intended. That latter appears to be perhaps not entirely the case.

Earlier this year, presented by Ford in China the Territory, a new cross-over that is not in Australia produced, but in 2016, the market fetched Territory. Where the latter with its Falcon-based on a real Ford is, to share the Chinese Territory are the basis with the Yusheng S330 of JAC. Initially, this would only Territory in China only to be sold, but it is not inconceivable that the car also in other countries oip the market.

Brazilian media to make notification of the presence of the Territory during the motor Show in São Paulo, in the first week of november gates open. Ford brings the car to the car show to the opinions of the public to gauge.

The manufacturer of the original of the Territory, the Chinese JAC, is already active in Brazil. The brand sells, among other things, the T40 (a compact SUV), the V260 (pick-up) and the T5. The Ford Territory measure 4,58 meters in length, 1,94 m wide and is 1.67 metres tall. Under the hood lies a blown a 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine linked to a manual zesbak or a zestrapsautomaat.