Ford now runs directly on ?? d ?? Wiesn

Cologne, September 25, 2015

For those who prefer his car " zom näschde Reschdaurand " as " the nearest restaurant " drives, now receives support from Ford. So far, dialects and accents were not namely the best friends of the speech control systems, which are now found on board many vehicles. Ford has announced but now for its SYNC voice recognition an update that addresses the issue.

Many different dialects

More than 1,000 male and female drivers around the world have for words, numbers and phrases in the system " eingesprochen ". In Germany alone material was used in all 16 states in order to cover the greatest possible number of accents. Thus, the speech recognition is now also understand dialects like Schwäbisch or Bavarian. Whether a car after a resounding " Ozapft is! " also leads directly to the Oktoberfest in Munich, however, is still open.

No fear of speech recognition

The aim of the whole is, as Ford, the people who speak in a dialect, to take the fear systems with voice recognition and to give them even more pleasure from your vehicle. But we hope that all Ford drivers who can now be directly piloting Oktoberfest take, on the way home anyway, the S-Bahn ?? even if there is still no speech recognition there. ( mf )