Ford Ka Urban Warrior to São Paulo

Ford releases a special version of the sedanversie of the Ka to the São Paulo International Motor Show.

In the first week of november in Brazil, the São Paulo International Motor Show, a show for the European market, with few relevant news. Nevertheless, it is still interesting to look at what car manufacturers are to the South-American car show bring. Ford has this Ka Urban Warrior ready.

In the Netherlands we know the Ka+ is purely and only as a five-door hatchback, but in various other markets the car as a sedan to purchase. Where the Ka+ in India Figo is called and the sedan when Aspire goes through life, the Ka-with-ass in South America simply as the Ka Sedan in the order books. It is the car that as a basis for this Urban Warrior Concept.

The Ka Urban Warrior is a spacious 2 inches higher on his legs compared to the regular Ka Sedan and is around with plastic decoration. We get the material from around the wheel arches and the bumpers. At the bottom of the front and back we take even a kind of skidplates. Under the hood sits a 1.5-both with gasoline and with ethanol can handle it. Who pure gasoline tanks, has a capacity of 128 hp and 153 Nm. There is ethanol in the tank, then the power at 136 hp and 158 Nm.

Officially, the Ka Urban Warrior a study model, but you bet that Ford is the model to join select number of markets. Among other things, the Ka+, the hatchback, therefore, provides Ford in some markets already have the Freestyle, a similarly styled version of the Ka+.