First pictures of the cockpit of the new Kodiaq Coupe

Mlada Boleslav (Czech Republic), 10 April 2017

Skoda shows at the auto Shanghai 2017 (19th to 28th April) the electric-powered design study vision E. The Coupé-like SUVs on the basis of the Kodiaq exterior looks like Skoda betrayed recently with first sketches, now follow pictures of the cockpit (according to proven salami tactics).

Portal doors and swivel seats

Vision E is approximately six centimeters shorter than the Kodiaq with 4.64 meters. The study has opposite opening doors, a B-pillar is waived. The seats are slightly elevated and should thus provide good overview. They can also rotate to 20 degrees. When you open the doors swing out to the outside and thus facilitate the entry and exit. The seats position coming back to the electrically operated closing of the opposite opening doors. The missing middle tunnel should result in a particularly generous sense of space. The front seats in a reclining position can be to rest.

A multitude of monitors

The equipment with displays apparently follows the motto: the more, the better. A screen displays the classic driving data, a touch screen allows the retrieval of connectivity in the middle of the dashboard. Every rider has an own monitor - on the dashboard or in the backs of the front seats. It is operated via more touch screens in the right-hand armrest (passenger) or between the two rear bucket seats. In the inside of each door also a receptacle for Inductive charging of smartphones is integrated. The content on the mobile phone display can be transferred to the monitor in the car.

Five electric models by 2025

"With the vision of E, we give a view on future Skoda models with electric drive", says Skoda Chief Bernhard Maier. "By the year 2025 we will bring five purely electrically powered automobiles in various segments on the market in addition to plug-in hybrid vehicles. Thus, we will be able to offer every fourth car with electric drive", said Maier next. (sl)