First pictures of the CC's successor

Hair, 12 August 2016

Already at the Geneva Motor Show in 2015, VW showed a Coupé on the basis of the Passat. The study sports Coupé was traded for Outlook on a successor of the Volkswagen CC. Now, our photographer of the Erlkönig has caught a testbed for testing in the United States.

Other optics than for the Passat

The new model puts the always something strange-sounding name CC. Logically and for all to understand the naming would be Coupé Passat. Premiere for the second generation of the car should be already 2017, after all, is the current CC (until 2012 under the name Passat CC) since 2008 on the market. Like the 2014 launched Passat B8, also the Coupé is based on the modular transverse box.

Premiere already beginning 2017?

Except for the platform, the Coupé has but not much to do with the Passat, the design stands out much of it. As our pictures show, the new four-door Coupé Gets a flatter front and also the entire roof line is flatter. Premiere is the new Volkswagen CC successor probably already beginning 2017 on the Detroit show celebrate motor. (sl)