First birthday gifts

Leverkusen, 8 November 2016

A year after the launch of the fourth and all-new Mazda MX-5-generation Japanese manufacturer adjusts the supply program of the Roadster. The key words are "Technology package" and "Sports package".

For 750 euros or standard equipment on board

An optional technology package is now the second-highest trim level "Exclusive Line" (including the "Prime-line" and the "center line" rank) offered. It includes a rear PDC, a lane change Assistant and a low help. These features should be useful especially when driving with closed canvas roof. In addition, the 750-euro package contains a dynamic cornering lights for the standard LED headlights. In the highest line of "Sports-Line" these features include standard equipment.

Sports Extras for the top model

A further new equipment runs under the name of "Sports package", which is available for the MX-5 in the sports line with the 160 HP top engine option. Therein can be found with leather Alcantara upholstery, Bilstein shock absorbers and a strut Recaro sport seats. The price? 1,800 euros. Otherwise everything as before remains: the starting price is 22.990 euro for the 131-HP model and the 160-Horsepower version is available from 27.190 euro at the Mazda dealer. (ml)