Fiat presented ARGO in Brazil

Hair, 1 June 2017

In its current form, the Fiat Punto is on the market since 2005. And twelve years is a long time for a single generation of the car. Okay in the years 2009 and 2012 spendierte of the Italian manufacturer small cars each a more or less extensive facelift, a completely redesigned replacement can be but still waiting. Now seems to get movement in the generational booth, however, Fiat has unveiled a four-meter-long subcompact for Brazil the new ARGO. What makes the ARGO and if the South Americans as a new Punto could come to Europe?

Basic knowledge and dimensions

The ARGO is based on a new platform of MP1, must be holding out in Brazil soon for a sedan, a pickup truck and an SUV. As already mentioned, the small car measures four meters in length. He is 1.75 meters wide and 1.52 meters high. The wheelbase is 2.53 meters. Thus, the ARGO dimensions would be almost identical to those of the current Punto. Only the trunk volume would increase significantly from 275 to 300 liters.

The optics? Compliant! Inside and outside

Not only technically the Punto has come, also visually in the years he no longer the freshest. It would be very desirable, if the potential new addition could take over the design of the ARGO to large parts. The headlights, the rear lights and the grille look modern and clearly reminiscent of the compact and larger EU relatives Tipo. And also the Interior impression with the 7-inch display on the dashboard, much more modern than the dusty Punto Interior digital display between the round instruments and overall very tidy cockpit at first glance.

Gasoline by 77 to 139 HP. Also for the EU?

A 1.0 liter three-cylinder with 77 PS must serve as the base engine in the ARGO. The drive program is complemented by a 1.3 liter four-cylinder with 109 PS and a 1.8 liter four-cylinder with 139 PS. Coupled are the petrol engine with a five-speed transmission. The 77 and 109 HP engines are available on request with an automated five-speed gearbox, the top engine can be equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission. What engines could be used if the ARGO as Punto to Europe, is not yet known. Fiat does not yet call prices and possible dates for the EU model. It is so still a bit exciting. (ml)