'FBI investigates possible deception Tesla

The FBI has the investigation to mislead investors by maker of electric cars Tesla screwed. The car company could possibly be incorrect figures have been given about the production of the Model 3, the newest type of Tesla, so reports The Wall Street Journal on the basis of insiders.

Tesla reached recently a settlement with beurswaakhond SEC about more or less the same topic. They talked then about the tweets from ceo Elon Musk on the stock market pick of his company, but also messages about the automotive production were included.

Now a civil case with the settlement is averted is thus a criminal case is on the prowl. Mid-september, said Tesla that it will be on a voluntary basis, information had leaves at the public ministry. When it was not yet known that the investigation revolved around the Model 3 and that looked at the period from the beginning of 2017.

The company said in a statement to know, but for months nothing more has been heard of it. ,,No summons, not a request for a statement or any other formal step. Also, there are no additional requests for documents were received."

Tesla is under the magnifying glass of investors, who are either holy believe in the company, or a lot of money to bet, or the downfall of Tesla. The company spends a lot of money to the development of cars and the start of the production, and carries substantial debt.

The Model 3 is a fundamental piece in the strategy of Tesla until the launch of that car, especially more expensive cars made. The Model 3 is the first massaproductievoertuig of Tesla, and thus also the car that black numbers written had to be. That last work yet, as it turned out this week from the quarterly results of the company.

The news about the Model 3 is also closely followed. Ceo Musk has shared regular updates about the development and production via Twitter. The production was well with all kinds of tricks jacked up, including through an ad-hocproductielijn on end in a tent.