Fast cruisers flying low

Lennestadt, 23 December 2016

How do you make a potent sports cars such as the Mercedes-AMG, C 63 S Coupé even better? Now, you can spend tons of money on a completely unnecessary increase in performance. Or simply, H & R Block a new Coilover suspension from the House. The suspension specialists offer also a high end chassis for the rapid Coupé now because after the compulsory sport springs.

Up to 40 mm deep

The coil-over suspension is infinitely variable and can be adjusted from the outside. It allows a lowering from 20 to 40 mm on front and rear axle. The package of sport springs and heavy-duty shock absorbers can be the C even safer and faster by curves DART 63 S Coupé, as it is the case from House. Steering behaviour and roll angle to improve significantly.

All registered clean

How we are used by H & R products, comes also the Coilovers for the C 63 S Coupé with an opinion for hassle-free registration in the vehicle documents to the customer. The undercarriage professionals from Lennestadt have however not yet announced a price. It would have been now but anyway something scarce until Christmas Eve. (mf)