Extremely irritated bull in Geneva

Geneva ( Switzerland ), March 3, 2015

Lamborghini drives the Geneva Motor Show ( March 5 to 15 2015) his strongest bull out of the stable: the Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce. With it, the Italians have their ultra - athletes Aventador topped again. The brutal driving machine comes with less weight, more power and honed aerodynamics. Thanks to new lightweight techniques and especially lots of carbon fiber as a metal substitute the bull weighs 50 kg less now the proud and brings 1,525 kg on the scale. At the same time the power of the V12 - sucker was pushed from 700 to 750 hp. This results in a power to weight ratio of 2.03 kilograms per hp. The maximum torque of 690 Newton meters is proud to at 5,500 rpm, the maximum speed is reached at 8,500 rpm. After hard training of thoroughbred Italians now runs in 2.8 seconds from zero to 100 in 8.6 seconds to 200 km / h cracks after 24 seconds, the 300 mark. And he manages over 350 km / h.

Adjustable rear spoiler

In developing the Superveloce aerodynamics experts worked together with the designers at the Centro Stile Lamborghini in order to improve the Windschlüpfigkeit and the output again significant. It is striking, especially the powerful rear spoiler that can be manually adjusted in three different positions. This can always choose the best setup for maximum output and maximum speed.

Changes to the front and rear

The front end was completely turned upside down by the skirt pulled further forward and the front wings have been adjusted. Larger fan inlets of the brake to breathe. Newly at the stern are numerous carbon fiber parts, a large diffuser ensures improve the cooling fins and vertical air flow from the underbody also modified. The muffler of the new exhaust system with four tailpipes naked consists of lightweight aluminum. And there is a difference: the Aventador LP 700-4 moving the air intakes on the rear wheels are set in Superveloce. Speaking of wheels: Forged round logs on the front axle measure 20 inches, the rear are 21 inches tall.

Price: 389,356 €

The interior has been completely revised in terms of weight loss. The new sports bucket seats and door panels are made ​​of carbon fiber, the infotainment system had to undress completely, just like the carpets and parts of the sound insulation. The Aventador will cost 389,356 euros Superveloce, which is about 67,000 euros more than the LP 700-4 costs. The launch takes place in late spring 2015th (HD)