Even a Chevrolet Camaro at SEMA

Recently we made acquaintance with two very special Camaro's that on behalf of Chevrolet, the SEMA show in Las Vegas should go steal. However, there is a third instance, and that hides it may be a remarkable piece of news.

Officially, the news in this fluorescent Camaro especially the color, which by the creators 'Shock Yellow' is called, but also a touch of green. The striking colour is in 2019 actually available on the Camaro. In addition, it shows Chevrolet different accessories that also make their way to the pricelist you will find. General Motors picks up apparently like a piece of the action as Camaro owners have their car go to personalize, and offers will be shown, Recaro seats, Brembo brakes, open air filters, onderstelcomponenten, badges and spoilers.

The most interesting news, however, is not on the accessory or list of colors to find, but at the front of the 'Shock'-Camaro. The brightly-colored SS has a slightly different front than the recently facelifted regular SS that on a number of points deviates from the also tightened, ordinary Camaro. At the brand new SS upper and lower grille optically connected to each other by a black bar where the logo is included, while the logo for the Sema car in the upper grille houses and the said bar is front bumpers in the fluorescent greenish yellow. This seems to Chevrolet to cater to the repulsion among American car enthusiasts reportedly prevails against the new Camaro SS front. It could just happen that Chevrolet in no time back on his decision to come back. It would be one of the fastest updates of a car ever, for the in april presented facelifted Camaro is still just in the showrooms.

If the changes are implemented, they apply only for the SS. In other versions, the logo for 'just' in the grille are included and are both air intakes are already separated from each other. Except for the strikingly colored SS takes Chevy a Camaro with a staggering 1.013 hp to Sema.