Elon Musk buys for millions of Tesla shares

Elon Musk has for more than 9.9 million dollars in shares of the by him established car manufacturer Tesla were purchased, as appears from a report in the American beurstoezichthouder SEC.

Musk said recently, for $ 20 million in shares of Tesla in to buy, but this miljoenentransactie there is los of. He is with a stake of almost 20 percent which is currently the largest shareholder in Tesla.

The ceo of Tesla caused a recent stir when he, via Twitter, announced the company of the stock market to get something which ultimately was not fulfilled. The SEC suspected Musk of fraud and struck a settlement with him.

Despite the problems that Musks twittergedrag have been completed, he remains plaagstoten give out to the SEC. As he wrote Monday, all of his official titles at Tesla to have cleared, to see if the confusion results from the authorities. Earlier, he called the SEC in a tweet the Shortseller Enrichment Commission, in which he suggested that the supervisor speculators on share prices, helps.