Electric cars in Mallorca

Calvia ( Spain ), August 21, 2014

Mallorca, which is summer, sun and beach with picturesque bays on one side, and drunken tourists on the other side. So you know in any case the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean. But the Spanish island has surprises in store. Or did you know that in Mallorca once automobiles are designed and manufactured, which could even post racing success? Loryc S. A. was the beginning of 1920-1926 a Majorcan automobile manufacturer based in Palma. Now wants a German brand revive, provided the vehicles with the latest technology and transfer the classic design into the 21st century. But let's start from the beginning.

Business Review in the Twenties

1919 started the two islanders Antoni Rivas and Rafael de Lacy with the sale of cars on Mallorca. In 1920 she founded a company and started with the help of Alberto Ouvard, a former Renault employees, to tinker with their own vehicles. At the end of the same year it was finally time: The first Loryc left in one of his three forward gears and equipped with six handsome horsepower production. The car quickly got the nickname " La Sardina ", since the aluminum body resembled the form of a sardine can.

Race, development and the end

In 1922 the rifle was made ​​fit for racing, reaching a 1,000 cubic centimeter and 34 hp four-cylinder engine took first place in the Grand Prix of France. The increased attention and demand on the traveling sardine - tin of Mallorca and the work briefly employed more than 60 employees. About 120 vehicles were subsequently the production halls. But by import problems in materials procurement there were repeated delays and bottlenecks. The resultant financial difficulties eventually led that the work had to be closed in Palma in 1926.

95 years after the founding

And what is today, remains 95 years after the first tentative steps of automotive Rivas and de Lacy? Not a lot! A dozen vehicles survived the century harmless. You are now privately owned by collectors. That should change, as is certainly the plan of the German tinkerer and inventor Karl - Heinz Bosch. He recently bought the brand and want to bring in 2015 the name Loryc with the help of two electric runabouts back on the streets.

Old design, new technology

Bosch wants while holding the design of the twenties. The two vehicles ( Speedster and pick-up ) but should still be equipped with the latest automotive technology. The front is made ​​of the vertical stainless steel grille and two round headlights with LED technology. Behind the classic rims with wire spokes and central locking sitting ventilated disc brakes with ABS. The internal combustion engine is replaced by an electric motor. Twenty electric horsepower to bring in the future, the fish tin to a speed of 80 km / h. The battery provides power according to Bosch for over 130 km range. Even the look of the interior will remain faithful to the golden twenties. Behind the deep windscreen and the spoke steering wheel made ​​of steel and wood, the pilot can settle on sports leather seats. Less is more, and therefore are not to be shown on digital, but on analog pointer instrument dials the relevant vehicle information.

95 copies to 45,000 €

Who now considering to invest his money in a Loryc to spend instead of a holiday at the nightlife, which has yet to wait at least a year. 95 copies of the " First Edition " is to be built by Electric Speedster. He is depending on individual Wishlist cost around 45,000 euros and will be available in 2015. The two-seater pick-up version will follow later. (ml)