E-vans on the Basis of the London-Taxis

Hair, 19. February 2018

The electric delivery vans of the Post is a true racer. Of the "street scooter", the Deutsche Post of its subsidiary company streetscooter produce are already several Thousand units in use, and also other buyers to tear to the vehicle. Now the car could get new competition, our erlk├Ânig images show.

The winter tests at the Arctic circle

Our photographer got a new van with electric drive and Range Extender. He is currently being tested at the Arctic circle in winter conditions. It is a new model of LEVC (London Electric Vehicle Company). The British brand was the new electric Taxi for London is known and belongs to the Chinese company Geely, which owns Volvo.

Higher roof and sliding doors in the rear

As a base for the Transporter is an extended platform of the 2017 featured Taxis. For the delivery operation of the Taxi gets a higher-lying roof and two sliding side doors in the rear. The photos show the prototype test drives on a frozen lake, and on the public road. Even a few pictures of the cab and the loading door on the Front of our photographer.(sl)