Driving Report - Nissan GT -R Better for the passenger

Better for the passenger

That was until now only of computer programs: Each year there are for the Nissan GT-R an official update. But somehow fits das. After all, no other sports car is so much influenced by the Playstation generation like the Porsche - killer from Japan. This time, however, the coupe does not become sharper and faster. The developers even be a bit loose. However, only after the stronger strike.

Passenger 're just ballast. At least in a sports car who fights on the track for the best lap times. But obviously there are even among the rich speeders a few customers who are not completely addicted to selfishness and take a bit of consideration for her pillion. So anyway, you have to interpret the criticism, the Ponz Pandikuthira got to hear in recent years. He is a product manager for the Nissan GT-R has already sold over 5,000 cars in Europe and told by many customers that threatened to become isolated. For even more than the bock hard suspension and tight steering of the Porsche Killers has the uncouth riot disturbed from the engine compartment, told Pandikuthira. " The GT-R was so loud that the passenger inside just will not go aboard ," he must give. And if the ladies like to derangiert on fast transverse joints, the push-up cleavage, which is the enthusiasm certainly not exactly conducive.

But now GT-R drivers can breathe and be happy again on the monitoring, promises the marketing man. Because when rolling these days with prices starting at 96,400 euros, the GT-R for the model year 2014 to the dealers, then acts the villain, as if he had eaten chalk: He not only has new LED headlights, other logos on the gills, changed rear lights and a timid enhanced interior, which unfortunately in vain struggles with new carbon decoration and elegant stitched leather against the Japanese Tristesse. Above all, he has a different character: he is in now so quiet that you do not have to yell on the highway. You can steer it in city traffic even with the little finger, well at least with one hand. And who does not just chasing at full throttle over cobblestones or plate ways can cancel his appointment at the massage confidently again.

© NissanEr not only has new LED headlights, other logos on the gills, modified tail lights but also a timid enhanced interior   For this, the engineers had no great reach into the sheet: Because of the GT-R works like the racing cars on the Playstation, the chief developer Kazutoshi Mizuno has inspired the Japanese supercar that can be with a few new lines of code in the control electronics, the entire essence of the car to change. Whether the control of dual clutch or all-wheel drive, the map of the V6 turbos, the Verstellfahrwerk or the steering - after a few mouse clicks nothing is as it was. In it, the Japanese have already exercise. While other manufacturers update their cars in the rules only once for mid-term, Nissan has in store for the GT-R every year an update. Also, the developers have copied from the computer games.

But because only the software changes and the hardware is still the same, one has returned the beast with two, three keystrokes already again. 550 hp remain 550 hp and 632 Nm can be actually no doubt about the assertiveness of the Thunderbolt: You have to provide only every control at "Race" and the right foot attach to the plate, then you know quickly that the new GT-R to his old is. With almost explosive violence it has shot up in less than three seconds from 0 to 100 km / h and accelerates afterwards so effortlessly on to say that one takes from him the 315 things top speed unaudited. With almost instinctive certainty of all-wheel drive also cuts through the tightest corners. And who rises once in the iron with full force, can appreciate how you feel jet pilots when landing in the safety rope of an aircraft carrier. No wonder if the passenger as look for the width.

Product Manager Pandikuthira still speaks of a clear shift on the axis between GT and R: "In the new model year, the GT-R to the ideal of the GranTurismo a little closer and removed a piece comes up for it from a pure race car ," says the strategist. While also know Pandikuthira that his top athletes has a reputation to uphold and the GT-R may therefore not be the wimp. But a bit loose can allow the Japanese already. Firstly, the GT - R has also in model year 2014 with a lap time under 7:20 minutes still the fastest Series athletes on the Nordschleife. And secondly Pandikuthira has still another arrow in the quiver: In summer, the GT-R also comes in the trim of the factory tuner Nismo - and then washes the latest fabric softener again.

Specifications - Nissan GT-R

2 +2-seater sports car, Length: 4.67 meters Width: 1.82 meters Height: 1.37 meters Wheelbase: 2.78 meters Boot capacity: 315 liters   3.8-liter V6 petrol engine, 6-speed dual clutch transmission, 404 kW/550 hp, max. Torque 632 Nm, Vmax 315 km / h, zero to 100 km / h in about 2.8 seconds, fuel consumption 11.8 l/100 km, CO2 275 g / km, Price 96,400 EUR .     Anyone who has played enough to the Playstation and wants to let it rip now, where the GT-R urges formally.