Driver comes up with a brilliant explanation for why he doesn't do burnouts after a victory

NASCAR driver Ryan Blaney explains

Doing a burnout after winning a race is a good practice in almost all disciplines of motorsport. We do not want to make any value judgments about NASCAR, but it is special that there is a driver there who refuses to do burnouts. Driver Ryan Blaney won the NASCAR race at Talladega for Team Penske last Sunday.

To put the whole story to rest: after the victory, Blaney did a burnout for a change. Normally he doesn't do that. During the press conference he explains that this time he was 'very, very excited' and that is why he did a burnout. He also explains why he normally doesn't do it.

Comparison with a racing horse

A few years ago, retired driver Dale Inman saw how Ryan Blaney did not do a burnout after a victory and confronted him about it. He thought it was a good thing and made the striking comparison: "You don't see the winner of the Kentucky Derby getting off his horse and hitting his horse."

Just as a jockey does not beat up his race horse, a driver should not abuse his equipment either. Blaney didn't do a burnout, but after Inman's words he certainly didn't do it anymore. Sunday's race winner is now a bit afraid that Inman is angry with him.

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