Dog Park car

London, March 22, 2016

"Dog bites man" is not so really spectacular, "Man bites dog" a too often quoted rule for journalists on the subject, what is news and what is not. Opel, or more specifically the British subsidiary Vauxhall, trying it now with "Dog park car". The message if it is one to generate attention for the parking Assistant of brand.

Gerty in the "parallel barking"

This, Vauxhall was a red Corsa in the hands, or better paws, a dogs called Gerty. A video titled "#ParallelBarking" (a un├╝bersetzbares word game combining parallel parking and to bark, so the English word for "Bay") shows how the Boxer on the driver's seat apparently parking a car without human help. Gerty uses the "Advanced Park Assist", which means "Automatic Park assist" in Germany and 580 euros for the Corsa. The system calculates an appropriate parking space automatically finds, a parking manoeuvre and takes over the wheel cranks. It is not clear how the dog has coped with the operation of the gas pedal.

A boxer who can speak

Vauxhall Gerty quoted as saying: "often it is worried or even scared, if you must park parallel, especially, has made just his driver's license and is in a lively area. Through my acting debut in the Corsa with the Advanced Park Assist I showed how this technique can help to find a parking space and to park. You were a stupid dog, if you don't try it." (sl)